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Bij elke sollicitatietraining zul je te horen krijgen dat jij jezelf moet zijn. Maar wat betekent dat nou eigenlijk echt? Je bent toch altijd jezelf? En als je een rol gaat spelen dan prikt elke recruiter daar toch door heen? Met de coaching van The Cabin Crew Academy ga je terug naar de kern.

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Most frequently asked questions by everyone who has a dream to become a stewardess.

No, you don’t. But, it can be very helpful for the following reasons:

  1. If your education doesn’t qualify yet to apply with an airline.
  2. You get three years of life experience
  3. Internships will be a great asset to your resume
  4. Depending on the school, subjects like general knowledge of the aviation industry, language proficiency and ticketing or check-in computer skills will be a great advantage
  5. Your dedication will be noticed by recruiters

You can prepare your knowledge by really learning about cabin safety and aviation what you need to know and you can prepare for the lifestyle that comes with being a flight attendant.

By European law: A Cabin Crew Attestation
By airline conditions: The airline decides the necessary educational level, minimum age restrictions  (18 years by law), language proficiency and (physical) appearance.

Simply put. Your license to fly as a cabin attendant.

Once you have successfully been recruited by the airline. The airline provides a generic or initial training to obtain your cabin crew license to fly. Directly followed by training specified on the company procedures and aircraft you will be flying on. There are possibilities to obtain a Cabin Crew Attestation on your own initiative via independent training organizations.

Yes, you do when you apply with airlines where you benefit from possessing one.